Coaching fills the human needs

I have struggled with my belief in myself for a really long time. I am struggling with self doubt as we speak. Im in the middle of a identity crisis. I am unemployed and turning 30 this year. Im looking at my life and which direction I would like to go. Its a struggle… So my belief system is being shaken up a little here. But I have coaching… and coaching can offer ALOT.

So Ive asked myself these questions. What do I want to create? What do I want for myself and my family? What do I really want to do with the time I have allotted? What would I like to be able to do that I cant do now? What do I want my legacy to look like?

All these questions stir emotion in me, as they should! Im working on answering them one by one and  I suggest you do that same, as most people don’t spend time reflecting on questions like these. We always look at the short term. What do I want to create? Well, I want to create a career for myself that I don’t have to ask for time off. That I don’t have to worry about scheduling apts. That I don’t have to miss events with family or friends due to work. I want to create a life where I can be FREE to travel. Free financially. I want to be in control of my income. I want my family to have everything they need with no more worry about money. I want to be able to retire my husband from his yachting career. I want to be able to buy a home for my family and rescue more animals. I want to give back to my community, open an animal rescue, I want to be able to donate money to causes that mean something to me. I want to be able to help lower income families and children. All these things are things that I CAN’T do right now but this is what I want my legacy to look like. I want to be someone who gave a lot to others and worked very hard to be financially stable and free in her own life. These visions make me want to cry! Even now with my faith wavering and fear has been more prominent, these visions are very moving to me.

I think most of us want to do more than just take care of ourselves most of us want to give to others. Thats why I truly believe that this coaching business is a business thats for everyone… its fulfills all human basic emotional needs.

  • Safety Needs
  • Love and Belonging Needs
  • Esteem Needs
  • Self-Actualization

How you might ask? Well lets look at this and get creative. Beachbody coaching is a business that requires you to share you journey in order to help others see themselves in you and want to be apart of the journey as well. Coaching is a business of making connections and adding value to someone’s life through an incredible fitness program, nutrition plan, and support in a group environment. So lets begin with safety needs, the needs of security. This business has  no limit to what you can earn full time. The beauty in this company is that is all up to you and the amount of work you want to put into it. Many people live securely on the income that coaching provides. Yes it takes work but there is NOTHING special about those people. You can be a full time 6 figure earning coach as well! And so can I!

We then move on to the need for love and belonging where we seek to connect with other people. Thats what this business is all about! CONNECTION! We seek to help others and connect with them on a deeper level in order to get them the results they need through fitness and nutrition. This is my absolute favorite part! Making that real connection with people and becoming their friend and mentor.

Esteem needs come next! This is all about boosting self-esteem, confidence, achievement, and also gaining the respect of others. When you commit to a program and get results it boosts confidence and value in yourself. You are then able to share with others with great confidence in your achievements and show them that they can do this as well! This adds value to your life and others. People respect the process. Respect you as a person with experience and success!

Finally, at the top of the pyramid is the need for self-actualization. Here we typically strive for self-improvement in the form of creativity and making ourselves and the world a better place. This is in essence all about personal growth and our contribution to the world. This is the substance of being a coach. My posts on Facebook or in my blog allow me to be creative and express myself and my story. These stories reach and inspire other people along the way, creating a ripple effect in the world. Coaching has taught me so much about personal growth and development. It lead me to my healer and constantly forces me to better myself. So that I can be a better person in my own life and for others.

Coaching has shown me this—It feels good, it’s good for you, it’s good for others, and it certainly serves the greater good of all concerned. Life is about contributing to the world. It’s about giving. Is this easy? no. But it is worth it. Nothing worth it ever comes easy. It will force you to develop as person inside and out. So think deeply and purposefully on the questions I asked. This could be for you and I would be doing the world an injustice if I wasn’t sharing about this opportunity.

The “P” word

I have never considered myself a “feminist”. I don’t like labels like that but the older I get the more and more I see myself fitting into this description. I feel like the word feminist sends out these men hating vibes. That may be for some but its simply not the case for me. I tend to be all about girl power, I want to surround myself with strong empowered women, stand up for women’s rights and women’s issues without bashing on men. There are lots of good men out there that support strong women and the movement’s that empower us.

So my post today is about this ridiculously uncomfortable conversation… women’s periods. It’s incredible that after all this time, its 2016 and people are still ashamed and disgusted by the topic of a women’s period. Being a women who doesn’t have the liberty of having a period each month, the topic is not shameful for me but weights heavy on me in many ways.

A little back story for me, which most people probably know I have a severe case of endometriosis. I have to take oral contraceptive continuously so that I never actually have a cycle. This treatment is a bandaid for my condition and to be honest I feel its reckless. The birth control pill is marketed as a fix all. A cure all for the female “condition”. Now Im not stating scientific facts here, Im purely speaking out of opinion. My endo was not as severe as it is currently, now that I have been on the pill for continuous use for 5 years. I went from having a mild case, to a severe case after the pill was involved. Its as if the pill puts a stop to my reproductive system completely so when I stop the medication the endometriosis grows back in full force and I develop very large, painful cysts… that then need to be removed surgically. You can understand why I think this treatment option is reckless at this point. It only worsened my condition in my opinion.

Now maybe there are people that feel differently about this medication. Im sure there are. There are many benefits to the pill right? weight loss, clear skin, no more PMS, no more depression, no more heavy periods… NO MORE PERSONALITY, NO MORE SEX DRIVE, NO MORE EXCITEMENT ABOUT LIFE, NO MORE MUSCLE GROWTH OR GAIN, NO MORE ENERGY, NO MORE MOTIVATION. The pill has had major side effects on my body the ones that I listed there. So this miracle drug that perfectly healthy women take for no other reason than to prevent pregnancy really… has never really been studied long enough to know the damage it could cause with long term use. Clinical trials really don’t happen for medications that are strictly used by women.

More and more women are struggling with getting pregnant these days, not the other way around. Theres unexplained reasons for infertility, no one is looking at what this drug may be doing to the body on a larger scale, along with nutrition and the toxic world we live in. The shame that goes around all of this for women is endless. This broken creature we were born to be. Emotionally messy and out of control. Okay this post was not suppose to be a rant on how much I dislike the use of contraceptives or a rant on how women are still looked at within medicine as “not quite right” to begin with. We still have a lot of work to do in this area in the modern world.

This post was suppose to be about women’s period’s because I even find myself on this cleanse hesitating to tell people why Im doing it in the first place… I stopped myself the other day when I was explaining to a man why I was cleansing my body. Im cleansing because Im attempting to reverse this endometriosis holistically with a Doctor or Oriental medicine. So explaining that I have a reproductive disorder to a man is uncomfortable for A MAN. Not for me. I looked at myself and thought “Cas, who the F’ cares what he thinks?” We’ve been conditioned to be apologetic and polite about all these issues. The same goes for women’s periods. There is no shame in it. For god sakes I wish I got a period every month.

So ladies, for all of you out there still hiding your tampons as you walk to the bathroom. Be bold. Be proud. I mean the female reproductive system is the only reason any of us are even here on this planet together. Without a women’s natural cycle there would be no LIFE. The talk and the culture around these female issues need to change. Taking a pill to stop our reproduction is just plain silly. It can take some women a full year to begin ovulating after long term use of the pill. Men would never do such a thing, it would hurt their manhood. We just need to learn more about our bodies and fertility. That’s all! So take it from a girl that would die to have a cycle every month and be proud of your body. Be proud of what makes you a women! There is nothing that shows you more that your body is working just as it should.

Women and sexuality

I feel like its an age old topic and it rings true in my life as well. There is so much shame and discomfort for women around their bodies, sexuality, and  physical self expression. Even the words used in our culture to describe the women’s body are shameful and unkind in so many ways.

Why am I sharing this today? Well theres something Ive been suffering in silence with over the past few years. Most people who know me or know my story know that I have a pretty severe case of endometriosis but what they don’t know are the details in how and which I deal with this condition. In 2012 I was diagnosed with this disease and from what I believe I was treated with modern medicine, which only worsened my case. But the pain of this condition goes way back… way beyond my diagnosis in 2012.

When I was a child I was exposed to a lot of sexual encounters. Things a child should never have to experience or see at that age. My innocence was taken away very young and I quickly formed a lot of shame around sexual interaction and my physical body. When you grow up in a home with addicts there is no telling what they will expose you to. Addicts are the most selfish people on earth, I truly believe that. So my body was something I couldn’t connect with in an real way. I struggled from the age 15 on with sex. I had weak boundaries with men. I was  unsure of how or what I should be feeling. I didn’t like my body, actually I loathed it. I wanted nothing more than to be someone else. Without actually physically being assaulted as a child I have the same reaction to sex as a person who was raped or molested. I had no support when it came to this, no one to talk to and no real awareness of the issues I was facing.

I believe that all illness is connected to our emotional state. Having been through so much sexual trauma so young I had formed a physical condition to cause me pain and suffering in my reproductive system for the rest of my life. I would never have kids. I would never have a normal sex life. There would always be pain and shame around my body. Well that was what I thought before and its something Im starting to believe can be healed.

So why this background story about my life and sexual health? I feel like I am NOT alone in these feelings even if you don’t have endometriosis, there are so many women who are quietly suffering with their bodies and their feelings around sex. Afraid to be honest with their partners during sex, afraid to share what excites them, afraid what people might think of them, afraid to speak openly about sex. I am sharing this because I want other people to see that there is strength in talking about this shit. Talking about the body shaming and hate that our society puts on women. That some how growing up with a vagina means you need to hide your sexuality, that you might be a whore or slut for being comfortable in your own skin. I remember a time when I did find confidence in my body. When my hormones were normal and I felt sexy. I loved touch and connection. It wasn’t that long ago. But when my endometriosis then worsened again and I needed surgery once more. I was put on hormones to control the growth of it.

At 29 years old I have been put on birth control for LIFE. These pills have reduced my estrogen and progesterone levels to almost nothing… calling this a LOW dose pill but the fact here is that this pill makes me feel dead. I feel like a zombie. I have no sexual drive. No urge for touch or connection with others. I don’t even have the affection I use to have to hug friends and hold hands. I feel like my body is just a vessel I walk around in without any spiritual connection to it at all. Finding balance spiritually means also connecting to your body but not being attached to the physical entirely. To be honest the only way to describe this disconnect is sadness. I feel extremely sad that I have lost touch with body. That my mind and my body are operating well but not connecting.

So this will be the first blog entry of many because as of next week I will be embarking on a journey I never thought Id be bold enough to try. I am going into a detox guided by a DOM (Doctor of oriental medicine) to reverse the damage in my reproductive cells. Im thinking about it this way… Just because I haven’t cleaned my house in 29 years doesn’t mean I can never clean it again right?? Im doing this to prove that Endometriosis is not an incurable disease to myself and others who are suffering with this condition. That people can heal from a condition like this, regain their sexual energy and vibrance, drop the birth control pill from hell and LIVE A FULLY HEALTHY BALANCED LIFE. But most of all do it naturally! Monday October 3rd, 2016 is the day I am choosing to take back the power in my life and the heal my body. Im ready. img_1298

Thought creates reality.

Everything that is… Is made up of thought. Thought creates the physical world.
Your thoughts not only matter but they create matter.
The concept that your thoughts create your reality is not just a concept. There is science behind this… What you believe you receive. What you envision in your mind you attract more of.
So when people say a negative mind can not create a positive life… It’s absolutely true. You’ll manifest more negativity. Ok so you might be reading this and thinking… “You don’t live my life. You have no idea how hard it is!”
That may be true but I’ve gone through hell and back myself. What’s changed? Well my life hasn’t improved so immensely, not a whole has changed except that I make a ton less money and struggle more every month. Some could see that as a negative. My mindset has changed. I choose not to suffer anymore between my ears. My outlook on the world is brighter and more positive. My negative thoughts are brief and fleeting. My judgments are quieter. My anger has dulled. My belief in myself has risen.
I choose happiness and I choose to continue to educate myself in this area of personal development. I envision success, financial freedom, a large lucrative business, giving back to the world, buying a home, retiring my hubby, rescuing animals… I continue to get specific on this every single day! And soon my vision will be my reality as I keep plugging away in my coaching business. I’m sure of it & reality all starts with thought. So why not dream it. What do you have to lose?



Laugh a little

For anyone that knows me… I love to laugh. Be silly. Joke. Cuss. Hug. Kiss. Give. Smile.
We get caught up in life… Thinking about deadlines. The clock is ticking. I should have been there or done this already. My age … My age…. My age….my damn age!!!
Hold up a second!!! Ok I get it we all let time pass without making changes. Nothing in this life is that serious. So what if you let time pass? Why can’t you change your path today!?
Pick up a book. Listen to a podcast. Start a project. Apply for a job. Go back to school. Start a workout program. Change your diet.
It doesn’t have to be this BIG GRANDIOSE EVENT! Just start small. The little things add up and laugh a little! You still have time and you are where you are right now for a reason. I may not be where I planned but I am exactly where I should be!


Vulnerability is the bridge that builds connection

need your help!!!🙏🏻
Im going to put myself out here for a moment and ITS A LITTLE SCARY! Because any time we ask people for opinions or constructive criticism we open ourselves up to possible negative comments as well. NEVERTHELESS…. Im going for it!
Most people that know me either in life or through Facebook know that I love sharing about my transformation, personal development topics like self love and body image. I also love to share about my fitness journey, inspiration that comes to me throughout the day, healthy eating, recipes, workouts and more. If you don’t know me and your seeing this on my page for the first time Id love to share a little about me!
Firstly I am a wife to a pretty incredible guy and stepmom to his two gorgeous sons AND I have my fur baby Luna who is the love of all our lives! Up until a year ago I was yacht stewardess and I didn’t consider it much of a career. I was unhappy with my work, unhappy with the travel, unhappy with myself and unhappy with MY LIFE. I was feeling clearly unfulfilled and looking for my place in this world. I got to a very low point a few years ago and had succumb to drug and alcohol abuse. Filling a void and looking for a way out. My health was in shambles from years of neglect, I hadn’t saved a penny and I was depressed.
I stumbled upon my coaches posts about her up and coming challenge groups. I fell in love with Beachbody’s fitness programs and shakeology. I was getting my health back and energy back. My life was improving ever so slightly with the choice to take a step towards better health. I never knew where that choice would have lead me at that time. It was the CORNERSTONE for HUGE change in my life and totally changed my view of the world. I felt I was moving in a direction I wanted to go in, so I dove deep in personal healing and self mastery. I am working everyday to build myself up inside and out…it all started with a choice to heal my body through nutrition and fitness.
Beachbody was the company that helped me get into the best shape of my life physically but also lead me towards healing emotionally. Now I am seeing that this company is going to transform my life financially as well because I believe in me and what I stand for now. Its my mission to help other people see their full potential and I MEAN THAT with all my heart. This business is about other peoples success not just my own.
If you connect with me, my passions, my beliefs, my mission, my message share with me here… I want to reach out to you guys that see my posts and Id like to ask what you’d like to see more of from me??? What is it that you like seeing on my page???
Please don’t be shy I’m looking for some support and I want to offer great content! Looking forward to hearing from some of you awesome people that resonate with what I stand for!!!



Happiness looks gorgeous on you

“Happiness looks gorgeous on you”

I walked into work the other day and someone whom I had never met before asked me… “Are you always like this!?” … I said “always like what?” …. What he was asking was are you always this HAPPY? I laughed and said not always but I think about 85% of the time and I’m good with that ratio!!!

He then proceeded to tell me that he wished he had more people around him like me because it gives him good energy. I felt so honored honestly. I know a bad attitude is contagious but so is a GOOD ONE! Whether or not you feel your life is exactly as it should be, you can choose happiness.

You will attract the vibe you put out in the world. So choose smiles, choose love, lift people up, hold space for others and yourself! I’m not perfect, I have crappy days as much as the next guy but shoot for 80%.

Living by the 80/20 rule can never do you wrong. Listen to how you speak. Are you complaining l the time? Are you negative? What kind of energy do you feed off of? Drama or happiness?

Once you become self aware, you have the opportunity to shift!


Become your own MOTIVATION


In my challenge groups I use to ask people to pick an image of someone or something that MOTIVATES them to keep in their sights when the tough times arrive….maybe when cupcakes are calling your name… Or you hear chocolate ringing through your ears!!!!

But I feel in a way this is all wrong…

We shouldn’t look to OTHER body types that are nothing like us and call that our goal body…. Or other things to motivate us INSTEAD we should be striving to be the BEST VERSION of ourselves!

SO I shared a photo a week ago of myself in a bikini in the post below So I can stay motivated!! And keep moving forward with my goals. NOT another body that i’ll just never look like, NOT another person who has a different life all together than I do… JUST me and only me. We can keep striving to be better, work harder and improve our health. Because at the end of the day it’s about HEALTH! your body goes wherever you ask it to.

Join me for max out May! WE start our next support group May 30th!!!! Only a few spots left guys. Dont miss a chance to become the very best version of you through fitness, nutrition, love, support, positivity and personal development!

Hard work is paying off

This girls HARD WORK is paying off!

I have never felt so strong and confident in a bikini. I spent the weekend with my hubby on a little stay-cation on Fort Lauderdale beach at the air and sea show. I rocked this BEACH BOD!

No I didnt spend hours upon hours in the gym… I work out 30 minutes a day AT HOME! I do not starve. I love to eat! I eat clean, whole fruits and veggies, lean protein, grains… AND yes I eat cheat meals! I LOVE pizza! I live in moderation and balance but I am seeing the results.

All because I decided, I committed, and Im succeeding. Im getting the support I need and staying the course. This is a lifestyle not a diet or a fad. I love the way my life is transforming and it can be that way for you too! All it took was a single decision to take control of my body and what I put in my mouth.

You’re worth it. Your health is worth it. Your family and children are worth it. Being healthy isnt just about looking good. Its about feeling good and being around for the people that so desperately need you around.

My summer slim down group is still open for a few new people who are SERIOUS about getting control of their health before the summer unfolds! Reach out to me via email or find me on Facebook! Lets talk about your health and fitness goals TODAY!!



Are you THIRSTY?

Bet you are…


Did you know that statistics show that up to 75% of Americans function in a chronic state of dehydration??? YIKE!!!

Do you struggle with this? I know I do!
Want more information on how to change that in your own life???

Monday, May 9th!!!

We will be hosting a water challenge to… you guessed it… HELP YOU START DRINKING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF WATER!

We’ll be sharing a lot of great information about the health benefits of water, cleansing & detoxing, fruit infusions, and so much more!!!

Drinking water is simple, right?! So why do so many of us STRUGGLE? It’s because it is simple to skip too.

Dehydration can have serious negative health effects. It can effect the way you process things and your memory… It can even have an effect on weight loss!! Crazy, huh?

There will be a daily post with a challenge and a chance to WIN A PRIZE at the end!

We decided to run another since the last were so successful!

Please post “IM IN” below and I will add you to the event page. Please tag someone if you want them to participate with you or feel free to share this post!