Thought creates reality.

Everything that is… Is made up of thought. Thought creates the physical world.
Your thoughts not only matter but they create matter.
The concept that your thoughts create your reality is not just a concept. There is science behind this… What you believe you receive. What you envision in your mind you attract more of.
So when people say a negative mind can not create a positive life… It’s absolutely true. You’ll manifest more negativity. Ok so you might be reading this and thinking… “You don’t live my life. You have no idea how hard it is!”
That may be true but I’ve gone through hell and back myself. What’s changed? Well my life hasn’t improved so immensely, not a whole has changed except that I make a ton less money and struggle more every month. Some could see that as a negative. My mindset has changed. I choose not to suffer anymore between my ears. My outlook on the world is brighter and more positive. My negative thoughts are brief and fleeting. My judgments are quieter. My anger has dulled. My belief in myself has risen.
I choose happiness and I choose to continue to educate myself in this area of personal development. I envision success, financial freedom, a large lucrative business, giving back to the world, buying a home, retiring my hubby, rescuing animals… I continue to get specific on this every single day! And soon my vision will be my reality as I keep plugging away in my coaching business. I’m sure of it & reality all starts with thought. So why not dream it. What do you have to lose?



Laugh a little

For anyone that knows me… I love to laugh. Be silly. Joke. Cuss. Hug. Kiss. Give. Smile.
We get caught up in life… Thinking about deadlines. The clock is ticking. I should have been there or done this already. My age … My age…. My age….my damn age!!!
Hold up a second!!! Ok I get it we all let time pass without making changes. Nothing in this life is that serious. So what if you let time pass? Why can’t you change your path today!?
Pick up a book. Listen to a podcast. Start a project. Apply for a job. Go back to school. Start a workout program. Change your diet.
It doesn’t have to be this BIG GRANDIOSE EVENT! Just start small. The little things add up and laugh a little! You still have time and you are where you are right now for a reason. I may not be where I planned but I am exactly where I should be!


Vulnerability is the bridge that builds connection

need your help!!!🙏🏻
Im going to put myself out here for a moment and ITS A LITTLE SCARY! Because any time we ask people for opinions or constructive criticism we open ourselves up to possible negative comments as well. NEVERTHELESS…. Im going for it!
Most people that know me either in life or through Facebook know that I love sharing about my transformation, personal development topics like self love and body image. I also love to share about my fitness journey, inspiration that comes to me throughout the day, healthy eating, recipes, workouts and more. If you don’t know me and your seeing this on my page for the first time Id love to share a little about me!
Firstly I am a wife to a pretty incredible guy and stepmom to his two gorgeous sons AND I have my fur baby Luna who is the love of all our lives! Up until a year ago I was yacht stewardess and I didn’t consider it much of a career. I was unhappy with my work, unhappy with the travel, unhappy with myself and unhappy with MY LIFE. I was feeling clearly unfulfilled and looking for my place in this world. I got to a very low point a few years ago and had succumb to drug and alcohol abuse. Filling a void and looking for a way out. My health was in shambles from years of neglect, I hadn’t saved a penny and I was depressed.
I stumbled upon my coaches posts about her up and coming challenge groups. I fell in love with Beachbody’s fitness programs and shakeology. I was getting my health back and energy back. My life was improving ever so slightly with the choice to take a step towards better health. I never knew where that choice would have lead me at that time. It was the CORNERSTONE for HUGE change in my life and totally changed my view of the world. I felt I was moving in a direction I wanted to go in, so I dove deep in personal healing and self mastery. I am working everyday to build myself up inside and out…it all started with a choice to heal my body through nutrition and fitness.
Beachbody was the company that helped me get into the best shape of my life physically but also lead me towards healing emotionally. Now I am seeing that this company is going to transform my life financially as well because I believe in me and what I stand for now. Its my mission to help other people see their full potential and I MEAN THAT with all my heart. This business is about other peoples success not just my own.
If you connect with me, my passions, my beliefs, my mission, my message share with me here… I want to reach out to you guys that see my posts and Id like to ask what you’d like to see more of from me??? What is it that you like seeing on my page???
Please don’t be shy I’m looking for some support and I want to offer great content! Looking forward to hearing from some of you awesome people that resonate with what I stand for!!!



Happiness looks gorgeous on you

“Happiness looks gorgeous on you”

I walked into work the other day and someone whom I had never met before asked me… “Are you always like this!?” … I said “always like what?” …. What he was asking was are you always this HAPPY? I laughed and said not always but I think about 85% of the time and I’m good with that ratio!!!

He then proceeded to tell me that he wished he had more people around him like me because it gives him good energy. I felt so honored honestly. I know a bad attitude is contagious but so is a GOOD ONE! Whether or not you feel your life is exactly as it should be, you can choose happiness.

You will attract the vibe you put out in the world. So choose smiles, choose love, lift people up, hold space for others and yourself! I’m not perfect, I have crappy days as much as the next guy but shoot for 80%.

Living by the 80/20 rule can never do you wrong. Listen to how you speak. Are you complaining l the time? Are you negative? What kind of energy do you feed off of? Drama or happiness?

Once you become self aware, you have the opportunity to shift!


Become your own MOTIVATION


In my challenge groups I use to ask people to pick an image of someone or something that MOTIVATES them to keep in their sights when the tough times arrive….maybe when cupcakes are calling your name… Or you hear chocolate ringing through your ears!!!!

But I feel in a way this is all wrong…

We shouldn’t look to OTHER body types that are nothing like us and call that our goal body…. Or other things to motivate us INSTEAD we should be striving to be the BEST VERSION of ourselves!

SO I shared a photo a week ago of myself in a bikini in the post below So I can stay motivated!! And keep moving forward with my goals. NOT another body that i’ll just never look like, NOT another person who has a different life all together than I do… JUST me and only me. We can keep striving to be better, work harder and improve our health. Because at the end of the day it’s about HEALTH! your body goes wherever you ask it to.

Join me for max out May! WE start our next support group May 30th!!!! Only a few spots left guys. Dont miss a chance to become the very best version of you through fitness, nutrition, love, support, positivity and personal development!

Hard work is paying off

This girls HARD WORK is paying off!

I have never felt so strong and confident in a bikini. I spent the weekend with my hubby on a little stay-cation on Fort Lauderdale beach at the air and sea show. I rocked this BEACH BOD!

No I didnt spend hours upon hours in the gym… I work out 30 minutes a day AT HOME! I do not starve. I love to eat! I eat clean, whole fruits and veggies, lean protein, grains… AND yes I eat cheat meals! I LOVE pizza! I live in moderation and balance but I am seeing the results.

All because I decided, I committed, and Im succeeding. Im getting the support I need and staying the course. This is a lifestyle not a diet or a fad. I love the way my life is transforming and it can be that way for you too! All it took was a single decision to take control of my body and what I put in my mouth.

You’re worth it. Your health is worth it. Your family and children are worth it. Being healthy isnt just about looking good. Its about feeling good and being around for the people that so desperately need you around.

My summer slim down group is still open for a few new people who are SERIOUS about getting control of their health before the summer unfolds! Reach out to me via email or find me on Facebook! Lets talk about your health and fitness goals TODAY!!



Are you THIRSTY?

Bet you are…


Did you know that statistics show that up to 75% of Americans function in a chronic state of dehydration??? YIKE!!!

Do you struggle with this? I know I do!
Want more information on how to change that in your own life???

Monday, May 9th!!!

We will be hosting a water challenge to… you guessed it… HELP YOU START DRINKING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF WATER!

We’ll be sharing a lot of great information about the health benefits of water, cleansing & detoxing, fruit infusions, and so much more!!!

Drinking water is simple, right?! So why do so many of us STRUGGLE? It’s because it is simple to skip too.

Dehydration can have serious negative health effects. It can effect the way you process things and your memory… It can even have an effect on weight loss!! Crazy, huh?

There will be a daily post with a challenge and a chance to WIN A PRIZE at the end!

We decided to run another since the last were so successful!

Please post “IM IN” below and I will add you to the event page. Please tag someone if you want them to participate with you or feel free to share this post!

Summer slim DOWN invite!

If you want a big time REALITY CHECK… go to the mall. Grab a few bikini’s or bathing suits. Go inside a changing room with HORRIBLE lighting AND TRY ON BATHING SUITS!
After a long winter of hiding our bodies, summer comes and most times we wished we had done something over the past 8 months to improve the way we feel and look in our skin!

Im not trying to be PERFECT or look like a super model or remove every ounce of body fat from my butt! What I am trying to do is to support people in EMBRACING these coming summer months with CONFIDENCE instead of running and hiding our bodies from the sunshine we so desperately NEED!

I want to help mom’s set awesome examples for their kids like Im doing with my step sons! Along with just helping women to feel unstoppable in their own skin!

Im going to provide….
> 30 days of fitness and nutrition accountability and support
> Meal planning!
> Helpful tips for vacations and weekends away
> Tips for eating in restaurants and staying on track!
> Living life in moderation
> The emotional side to food
> Personal development
> Summer healthy recipes for grilling and BBQ’s
> Skinny summer cocktails (You know how valuable this is??? LOL)

Are you ready to step up your health game? Set an awesome example for your kids? Become comfortable, confident and in love with the skin your in???? My current challengers are absolutely KICKING ass!

Im accepting a limited number of participants this round to mentor in my next online support group, I would like to really spend time developing close relationships and strong connections with my challengers! So PLEASE, I urge you to reach out to me. Id love to chat with you about your health and fitness goals!!!


Starting a non traditional business

Starting a “non” traditional business opens you up to peoples opinions and THEIR OWN fears. When I really started taking my business seriously over the last 6 months people sort of chocked it up to that “fitness thing” Im doing. Ive gotten comments like “thats a pyramid scheme” or “why are you so obsessed with fitness and eating healthy, just live normally why dont you?” I get these kinds of comments CONSTANTLY.

There have been people that have unfriended me on Facebook or have told me my posts are ANNOYING. Yup annoying. If being positive and living a healthy lifestyle is annoying then so be it. Has this upset me? YES totally. Of course it has, Im human!!! Has it made me question the things Im doing at times… yes it has. The only thing I can say is that I LOVE the feeling of helping other people and I believe in the cause but no its not for everyone. Thats for sure. I know that my intentions are pure and real and I am going to continue to stick to my guns about my health journey!

There are a lot of other people I speak to everyday that embrace me and tell me they love reading my posts and I truly LOVE hearing that! I know Im helping people and reaching people in a real way. I have to learn to accept that not everyone is for this and I had to build up some toughness around the criticism. I know that I am in the absolute right place and I wont stop until I take this thing all the way and become a full time Health Coach. I believe in me and I believe in what I stand for. This is what drives me everyday and helps me push past the haters.

Anyone who’s ever attempted to build a business knows its hard but its so freakin’ worth it! If you fuel your journey on the opinion of others you will surely run out of gas! Go for your dreams… no one will be laughing in the end when you reach that level of success that they could never imagine in their wildest dreams! If you love what you do, go do it and YES you deserve to make money doing this thing you LOVE!


If you fuel your journey of opinions of others you will surely run out of gas



I opened my mac today on break and I had a seriously heart felt moment!! I get a lot of messages each day but this one was special… the message read:

“Hey Cassie, I wanted to let you know that you helped me so much this week and Im grateful for our connecting and your support. You are an amazing person and you deserve nothing but the best in people. Thank you for your love.”

This person is special to me because she is an active challenger in my current fitness support group. Thats why this sits so near and dear to my heart! She is taking some serious steps towards healing her physical and emotional self… facing hard moments as we all do but getting support and PUSHING through.

Im feeling so dang blessed that I can stop what Im doing no matter where I am and MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONES LIFE. I feel excited and full to the top about doing this thing I call a JOB… aka coaching! I can do this while Im home with my family, traveling, from a beach, pool side, walking my doggy, or where ever this life may take me. Im in this thing UNTIL THE END. MIND, BODY AND SOUL. Who knows where I will end up <3

I have a new support group opening May 2nd for prep week. I have one spot left in this group!!! We are focusing on health in a real way. There will be fun, support, friendship, connection, honesty, laughter, IMPERFECTION but we are in this together and it REAL!

Go there the rest of this week and MAKE IT SO DAMN AWESOME! Do you very best and forget the rest <3

Coach Cas